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Nannette Brown is a New York based design firm celebrated for its clean, edited style and it's architecture-first approach to projects. A nod to history and a passion for contemporary art and design yield a cultured modernity to the practice's works. Design at Nannette Brown is born from the belief that personal space is both sanctuary and stage. While guided by the principles of function and form, the firm's intuitive process results in sophisticated, feel good environments that are as distinctive as they are beautiful.

At Nannette Brown we see life as a grand design experiment.


Just as form and function inspire the physical spaces we create for ourselves so too do the interior aspects of our lives. Everything from the foods we eat to our life's work, relationships, health, and more inform our senses and personal preferences that become expression in our most important environment: Home. Our team is obsessed with the stuff of life that creates context and depth to the way we live. We believe the most beautiful spaces are thoughtful; they support us and make us feel healthy and alive. Excellent design and all that inspires it makes us tick.