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Nannette Brown is an American interior designer and creative force.  Her architecture and design skills are self-taught having earned her academic degree in journalism and international studies. 


Brown honed her craft studying both classic and modern masters in architecture, art and design while working as a television journalist. Television was her day job while at night she devoured design books and shelter magazines. Her classrooms were auction houses, museums, England’s great listed estates, European villas, along with art and furniture dealers around the world. 


Today, Nannette Brown designs some of the most private, distinguished homes in the world. Her design acumen and editorial eye cross boundaries into fashion, art, food and culture which she and her team seamlessly combine into a larger lens focused on home and good living. This integrated approach to every project is a Nannette Brown hallmark. She is at her best when designing more than just space.

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"I do what I do because thoughtful, well-designed space, products and experiences have the ability to make us think and feel differently; they elevate us and grow us into more attuned people. My designs are for people who enjoy life as an art form and sometimes, for those that simply love beauty. The environments built by Nannette Brown are meant to be experienced, lived in; they are meant to be loved"


~ Nannette Brown ~

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