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“To my mind, well designed spaces should move you to think. To do. Ultimately, they should inspire you to live your life as you imagine it. I just help people imagine.”


NANNETTE BROWN is an American interior designer celebrated for her clean, edited style and her architecture-first approach to projects. Her penchant for beauty and nod to both history and contemporary design yield a cultured modernity to her works. Brown believes each commission has a story, its own set of imperatives; These coupled with a client’s vision and own personal narrative guide her intuitive process resulting in sophisticated, feel good environments that are as distinctive as they are unique.

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Brown earned her academic degree in journalism and international studies. Her architecture and design skills are self-taught; She honed her craft studying both the classic and modern masters in architecture, art and design while working as a television journalist; Television was her job by day, but by night she devoured design books and shelter magazines. Her classrooms were auction rooms, antique dealers, museums and the great houses of England. Nannette Brown Design was born as friends and acquaintances became clients, and clients recommended friends. In a few short years House Beautiful magazine named Brown one of “America’s Top Designers”.  


Along her design journey, Nannette’s love of refined products led to the purchase of luxury retailer Mrs. John L. Strong, a Manhattan-based social stationer and home accessories company. By tying fashionable living to fashion itself, Nannette was lauded for making manners modern again. She has been published in The New York Times, Town & Country, Elle Décor and Vogue magazines among others and was named “the Etiquette Authority” by In Style. Her emphasis on civility (including hand written notes) still resonate today with clients around the world.


Nannette Brown is a creative force. Her design acumen, editor’s eye and personal style cross boundaries into fashion, art, food and culture which she seamlessly combines into a larger lens to convey good design and more importantly, good living. This integrated approach to every project is Nannette’s hallmark. She’s at her best when designing more than just space. 

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